Middle School & High School Sports

Centennial Baptist School offers interscholastic athletics for grades sixth through twelve and is a member of the Idaho Christian School Athletic Association ICSAA.



Sports Offered

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boy's Flag Football
  • Boy's Basketball


Fine ARTs


Fine aRts

Art and music classes, performance and theatrical opportunities, choral, band and orchestra programs, provide students with instruction in the principles of artistic expression, technique and skill development. As they express themselves artistically, our students learn about themselves, and others, and in our context, the Creator, Himself. All  grades, Kindergarten through 12th, have specific programs designed for their level of education. Performance take place in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Genuine experience with the Fine Arts encourages creativity, imagination, personal responsibility, self‐discipline, cooperation, and problem‐solving.




  • Christmas Musicals
  • Spring Musicals
  • Drama
  • Band 

1st Grade - 12th Grade



Weekly Chapel Services

One of the most wonderful things that happens each week at CBS is Chapel!  Chapel for both the elementary students and for the middle/high school students is a powerful opportunity for our students to learn more about the Lord, to grow in knowledge of His character, to deepen their relationships with the Father, and to support each other through prayer as well as to share in worship.

It is our goal to provide a variety of spiritual experiences for the student body at CBS so that students will develop life-long spiritual disciplines that lead to a successful Christian life.  Spiritual training partnered with Chapel makes a powerful team in reaching this goal.

A week long Winter Camp is held each January for middle school and high school students in McCall, Idaho. This week focuses around one centeral theme with the emphasis being on Christ. 


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics



Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

We have a growing STEM program