Early Education

CBS’s Early Education programs are intentionally designed to give young learners the best start to lifelong social and academic success, with an emphasis on spiritual development.

Nurturing Environment
Highly qualified Christian teachers provide a positive environment and abundant learning opportunities in which children explore and discover through observation, play, problem solving and creativity. Our youngest students develop foundational skills and are nurtured in self-confidence, independence, healthy interdependence and self-image based on the knowledge of being “created in God’s image.” We celebrate the differences in each child and the unity we have in Christ. 

A Christ-Centered Partnership
CBS provides an educational experience consistent with the biblical values taught in your home and at your church. Biblical truth and wisdom are woven into daily learning and interactions between teachers and students at CBS. Intentional teaching of God’s Word, along with prayer and the joy of worshipping together, nurtures your child throughout the week, creating a three-way partnership among home, church and school.

Developmentally Appropriate
Our classroom environments and activities are designed to promote optimal learning and development. Our teachers meet young children where they are developmentally, both as individuals and as part of a group, and help each child meet challenging and achievable learning goals.

Carefully Crafted Curriculum (Preschool & Kindergarten)

  • Builds character
  • Connects known to unknown
  • Challenges students at their age level
  • Integrates content across subjects
  • Incorporates frequent, purposeful review to prevent learning gaps & keep you building forward