What grades are offered at Centennial Baptist School?

Centennial Baptist School offers preschool for 3’s and 4’s, Kindergarten through Elementary (K-5th), and Middle school and High School (6th-12th).


What are the tuition rates?

Check out our tuition and forms page for a complete listing


Can I register my student(s) at any time throughout the year?

Yes, most of the time you are able to registered throughout the school year if there is available space in the classroom. Our preschool programs are more difficult to enroll mid-year as students are progressing rapidly and concepts build upon each other. Please contact the school office for more information regarding enrollment.


What are the hours for your Preschool K3 and K4 classes?

Our preschool K3 and K4 classes both have an AM and PM class. AM classes are from 8:00-11:15pm, and PM classes from 11:45-3:00pm five days a week.


Is your Kindergarten class five days a week?

Yes, we have both AM and PM classes. AM classes are from 8:00-11:15pm, and PM classes from 11:45-3:00pm five days a week.


Do you have Daycare onsite?

Yes. We offer full-time and part-time daycare for ages 6 weeks -12 years. Price vary based on age and need. Contact the daycare office for more information.


What time does school start and end?

Classes start 8:00am and students are released at 3:00pm for 1st through 12th grades.


What is the dress code?

We do not have a mandatory uniform but require chapel attire for Wednesday chapel as well as some additional requirements for daily wear. Please review our dress code for girls and boys that is found in our student handbook.


How is the Bible implemented in classes?

Each grade K3-5th has a Bible time implemented into daily work. 6th-12th have Bible class everyday as


What curriculum do you use?

Most of the curriculum used in the classroom is from Abeka, and Bob Jones is used for Bible for some grades.                                                                               

Are you accredited?

We are accredited through the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools, National Council of Private School Accreditation, and AdvancED.


Will students who graduate at Centennial receive a high school diploma?

Yes. Students who graduate from Centennial will receive an accredited high school diploma and can attend colleges and Universities all over the country. Some of our graduates have attended: Boise State University, College of Western Idaho, College of Idaho, Idaho State University, Grand Canyon University


What athletics or clubs do you offer?

We offer Flag Football for boys, volleyball for girls, and basketball for boys and girls. Participants must be in grades 6th-12th.  Student Body council is offered for grades 9th-12th and is voted on by peers.