In accordance with Idaho schools state standards. A student must accumulate a minimum of 46 credits in grades nine through twelve in order to receive a high school diploma.  Any specific changes in the prescribed curriculum must meet with the approval of the administration.

A student may receive credit for a "D" in a course and thereby receive credits towards a high school diploma.  However, in order for a course to be considered advantageous to a student's transcripts in making application to college, it should be at least a "C:" Consequently, any time a student makes a "D" in a course, he should consider retaking that subject. A grade of a “F” in any subject requires the student to retake the course.

High school graduation requirements for Centennial Baptist School:

LANGUAGE ARTS -9 credits (English-8 credits/ Speech-1 credit)
MATHEMATICS -6 credits (2 of these credits must be taken senior year.)
SCIENCE -6 credits, 2 per course (4 lab)
SOCIAL STUDIES - 5 credits ( U.S. History, Economics, and Government.)
HUMANITES - 2 credits
HEALTH - 1 credit
ELECTIVES - 17 credits

Students are required to take the SAT their eleventh grade year and may retake it their senior year.